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RL78: Error occurs when project is built for RL78 MCU w/ mirror area.

Latest Updated:09/06/2013


I am using the RL78/78K0R compiler in the CubeSuite+ environment.
When building a project for an RL78 family MCU with a mirror area, the following error occurs.

RA78K0R error E3206: Segment '@@CODEL' can't allocate to memory - ignore

The program is a size that can be located in on-chip ROM. Why does this occur?
Please tell me how to work around this problem.


In a device with a mirror area, the @@CNST section which has a narrow allocatable range is allocated in the mirror area before the @@CODEL section.

This will divide the empty area (gap) so that the @@CODEL section cannot be allocated, and thus this error occurs.

Check the size of the @@CODEL section and the empty area (gap) in the map file and adjust the location of the @@CODEL section so that the @@CODEL section can fit within the range of the code flash area.

An example of the map file at error occurrence and how to solve the error are shown below.

[Map file example at error occurrence]

78K0R Linker Wx.x                           Date:xx May 20xx Page:x
* gap *                               00316H    01CEAH                     ※1
         @@CNST                       02000H    00C1EH  CSEG MIRRORP
                  @@CNST   @cstart    02000H    00000H
                  @@CNST   xxx_xxxx   02C16H    00008H
* gap *                               02C1EH    011E2H                     ※2
         ??OCDROM                     03E00H    00200H  CSEG
*** Not allocated segment ***


@@CODEL    0021EAH    CSEG BASE     ROM                                    ※3

In the above example, the empty area (gap) being divided by @@CNST (*1, *2) prevents @@CODEL (Size: 0021EAH (*3)) from being placed in the code flash area, thus resulting in an error.

In this case, the solution is to specify an address in the link directive file as shown below so that the @@CODEL section is allocated near the address of the first empty area (gap).
merge @@CODEL: AT (400H)

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 and 78K Families