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Does the phased-out products means the production has been stopped?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


Some products are specified by distributors as phased-out products. Does this mean that production of these products has been stopped?


No. Phased-out products are spare parts for maintaining customers' sets and are produced only in the required quantity.
Usually, the production status changes as follows after mass production (for each product, consult a distributor).

When an announcement that a certain product will become a phased-out product is made, Japanese distributors notify their customers who have been using the product of the phased-out/discontinuation schedule.
When the product becomes a phased-out product, the customers notify their distributors of the required final quantity of the product. The product is then produced in those required quantities and production is discontinued.
The distributors are those who receive final demands for the product. How many products can be supplied is determined by the distributors. For details, consult your nearest distributor.

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