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To what phases is the RoHS directive applied?

Latest Updated:11/01/2008


To what phases is the RoHS directive applied?


The RoHS directive does not define phases.
The term "phase" was originally coined in the ETR-7021 standard released by JEITA (Guidance for the Lead-Free Marking of Materials, Components and Mounted Boards used in Electronic and Electric Equipment).
According to this standard, products that are completely lead-free are indicated as Phase 3. Products that are lead-free except in the areas listed in the exemption list of the EU RoHS directive are indicated as Phase 3A.
Renesas Electronics products having part name ending with -A, -AT or -AX conform to Phase 3, and products having part names ending with -AZ or -AY conform to Phase 3A.
Recently, consumers have been calling for a more extensive constituent material indication system. In response, JEITA has released a new standard—ET-7001—which prescribes how to indicate not just the inclusion of lead, but also the inclusion of the other five substances regulated by RoHS. Following the release of ET-7001, the ETR-7021 standard has been progressively phased out.
The ET-7001 standard does not use the term "phase".
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