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What's the maximum flow out and sink current of LED using uPD78F0034A?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


When attempting to light an LED using the ports of the uPD78F0034A that can drive LEDs directly (P30 to P33, P50 to P57), what is the maximum flow-out current and maximum sink current?


The sink current (low-level output current) is 15mA/pin MAX. and the total pin current value for P3 and P5 is up to 70mA for each pin.
The flow-out current from P5 (high-level output current) is 1mA/pin MAX. and the total for all chip pins is up to 15mA.
(Note that since P30 to P33 are open-drain outputs, there is no flow-out current from these pins.)
These characteristics are described in the data sheet.

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