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E1200416 error when debug tool is started up on RL78 MCU using E1/E20 in CS+

Last Updated:02/14/2018


When attempting to debug the RL78 family MCU in the CS+ environment using the E1 or E20 emulator, the following error message is displayed when the debug tool is started up.

Executing program failed
[Direct Error Cause]
No response from the CPU. Please confirm the signal of the CLOCK or RESET and so on.(E1200416)


Check the following.

Does the wire connection between the E1 or E20 emulator and the microcontroller differ from the recommended circuit?

Refer to Recommend Circuit Connection in "E1/E20/E2 Emulator, E2 Emulator Lite Additional Document for User’s Manual (Notes on Connection of RL78)" and check the wire connection. Communication cannot be performed correctly when the wire connection differs from that of the recommended circuit.

The RESET pin has not been pulled up.
A pin was handled incorrectly.
The pull-up/pull-down resistance value is not the recommended value.
Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]