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Emulator change to E1/E20 can I use dev. environment for family used?

Latest Updated:10/12/2012


I am using a development environment that is for the R8C family MCU and uses the E8a and High-performance Embedded Workshop.
If the emulator is changed to E1 or E20, can I use the development environment for the R8C family used in E8a without change?


For the R8C family (*), the specifications (connector, circuit) for connection to the user system is common in E8a, E1, and E20, so that existing evaluation boards can be used without change.

However, in order to use E1 or E20 in a workspace of the High-performance Embedded Workshop created for E8a, a session for E1 or E20 needs to be added.

The procedure for adding a session for E1 or E20 into a workspace created for E8a is shown below.
Note that the R8C E1/E20 Emulator debugger has to be installed in advance. Download the R8C E1/E20 Emulator debugger from here.

* Confirm which R8C family products can be debugged by E1 or E20 from "E1Target Devices" or "E20 Target Devices".

Suitable Products
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]