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How are codes handled if debugging R8C with E1 E20 or E8a?

Latest Updated:07/30/2012


How are ID codes handled when debugging an R8C Family MCU with the E1, E20 or E8a?


ID Codes are handled differently when debugging R8C/10 to R8C/13 MCUs and R8C/14 MCUs or beyond*, as described below.

*The E1 and E20 emulators support R8C/3x MCUs or beyond.

R8C/10 to R8C/13 Group MCUs:
In all E8a emulator modes, the ID code described in the user program is written to the flash memory. Also, when the E8a emulator is connected, the entire flash memory is erased before the emulator is started up, regardless of any ID code written in the memory.
Accordingly, after debug, when the "Program Flash" mode is selected and the debugger is restarted, the ID code to be input is the ID code specified in the user program.

R8C/14 Group MCUs and beyond:
In all debug modes other than the "Program Flash" mode(E8a)/"Writing the on-chip flash memory mode"(E1/E20), ID code FFFFFFFFFFFFFFh is written to the flash memory regardless of the ID code specified in the user program.
Also, when the emulator is connected, if the ID code written in the flash memory and the user's ID code do not match, the emulator cannot be started up. However, when the ID code is FFFFFFFFFFFFFFh, the ID is considered invalid and the emulator automatically verifies the ID and starts up.

Suitable Products
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]