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ID code error on E1,E20,E8a,E8(discontinued product) with M16C,R8C Family MCUs

Last Updated:04/26/2017


In the E1, E20, E8a or E8(discontinued product) system used for M16C or R8C Family MCUs, the following message appears even if the correct ID code is input: [ID code error].


Confirm the following:
Make sure the directory, file, or workspace name is composed of ASCII characters only.
If the directory, file, or workspace name has multi-byte characters, the ID code may not be set correctly.
Use only ASCII characters for the directory, file, or workspace name.

If one of the above limitations is the cause of the problem, the ID code may be all 0s. Try entering all 0s as the ID code. 
Note: always turn the board OFF once, and then follow the re-connect process before re-entering an ID code. 

Refer to the following FAQ for the above limitation.
FAQ 107459

Make sure the NMI pin is connected properly (i.e. there is no indication of "not connected" (NC))  when using M16C Family MCUs,

If the NMI pin is not connected properly, a non-maskable interrupt is generated and the MCU cannot communicate with the emulator, causing the [ID code error] to occur.
When using M16C Family MCUs, the NMI pin is set to input immediately after reset. Therefore, make sure you pull-up the NMI pin to "high" at startup

Refer to the following FAQ, if the above items were not helpful.
FAQ 106969

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