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RI850V4 V2 sample project for MULTI cannot be built

Last Updated:05/31/2017


I cannot build the RI850V4 V2 sample project for MULTI. How do I resolve it?


The RI850V4 V2 sample project for MULTI is located in the following directory, but the project cannot be built by just copying it.

 C:\Program Files\Renesas Electronics\CS+\CC\RI850V4RH\sample\rh850_ghs

This is because in the project settings, the paths of library, include-path,
and the configurator have been described by the relative path from the above sample project location.

1. Open sample.gpi in a text editor, and perform the following replacement.

   "../../../../" → 'C:/Program Files/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CC/RI850V4RH/'

2 Because it is replaced by a path containing spaces, the mark of single, or double quotation must be corrected. Change it as follows.


   → "-I'C:/Program Files/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CC/RI850V4RH/include'"


   →"-L'C:/Program Files/Renesas Electronics/CS+/CC/RI850V4RH/library/rh850_ghs/r32'"

   :preexec="../../../../bin/cf850v4.exe -t GHS ../source/sys.cfg"

   → :preexec='\"C:/Program Files/Renesas

Electronics/CS+/CC/RI850V4RH/bin/cf850v4.exe\" -t GHS ../source/sys.cfg'


   →C:\Program Files\Renesas Electronics\CS+\CC\RI850V4RH\library\trcinf.c

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