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EEL Pack01 for RL78 Family: Cause of block status flag to a banned state

Latest Updated:12/26/2014


In EEPROM Emulation Library (EEL) Pack01 for the RL78 family, what conditions cause a transition of a block status flag to use prohibited state (flag X is other than FFFFFFFFH)?


The following event causes a transition of the block status flag to use prohibited state.

  • Erasing a block has failed.

  • When data are written to the block management area, the EEL will continue to operate even if the value is not correct due to a voltage drop, etc.
    However, if writing to the block management area is stopped by a reset, the EEL will not continue to operate but the execution of the EEL will restart from startup, the block will be inactive, and the block status flag does not make the transition to use prohibited state.
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