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How can I know program sizes of the functions?

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


How can I know program sizes of the functions?


Choose Option from HEW menu, and then [SuperH RISC engine…] or [H8S,H8/300 Standard Toolchain…]. When a dialog box opens, click optimizing linkage editor tab, and select "List" for category. Check a check box for [Output a linkage list] and [Symbol information]. A "project name".map file will be generated in a project folder when building after this settings. See this file.

Also, you can use MapView of high-performance Embedded Workshop. The MapView generates map file, and it contains various kinds of information: section information, symbol information for each section and optimizing information. You can display them separately. MapView is activated by choosing [Tool] from High-performance Embeded Workshop menu, then [Hitachi Mapview]. After it is activated, open "project name".map file.

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