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How to specify data relocation (logic) of data relocation attribute?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


The source program is divided into two files, a data definition file and a logic file.
The data relocation attribute is described in the data definition source file, but how should I specify data relocation in the logic part?


Specify saddrp2 as the relocation attribute using an operand in the RAM definition mode by DSEG, and declare as saddr2 as follows when EXTRN declaring saddrp2 in the logic block.

EXTRN saddr2 (data1, ... , ... , ...)

As a result, the symbols delimited with ",", such as data1, etc., are generated by instructions as items in the saddr2 area.
The case you inquire about should be successfully handled by this.
For details, please refer to the section describing the EXTRN directives in the Language manual.

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