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Is it okay for emulators not supported by SDI-3 specification to debug?

Latest Updated:10/29/2007


Can 32185/32186 and 32192/32195/32196 Groups be debugged using an emulator that does not support the SDI-3 specification?

Emulators that do not support SDI-3 specification (compatible debugger: M3T-PD32R)
- M32170T-SDI
- M32100T-SDI-E
- M32100T2-SDI-E


If you are not using the trace function or the time measurement function, you will have no problems debugging the 32185/32186 and 32192/32195/32196 Groups.
If you are using the trace or time measurement functions, the following restrictions apply.

[Usage Restrictions]
Compared to results gained when using an SDI-3 specification compatible emulator, use of an emulator that does not support SDI-3 will cause an increase in lost trace data, resulting in the following phenomena.

(1) Increased loss of trace results.

(2) Increased occurrences of trace events failing to occur.

(3) Increased occurrences of H/W breaks failing to occur.
A H/W break is generated when the emulator detects break conditions based on the trace results. Increases in lost trace data will result in fewer H/W breaks generated.
The PC break, chip break and S/W break can be used normally.

(4) Increased occurrences of time measurement events failing to occur.

When you need to use the trace function or time measurement event, we recommend using the following new emulators, which support the SDI-3 specification.

Emulators supporting SDI-3 specification (corresponding debugger:M3T-PD32RM)
- M32100T3-SDI-E
- M32100T5-SDI-E

The MCU files for the 32185/32186 and 32195/32196 Groups are available at FAQ 106090.

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