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RFP/PG-FP5 Location for Error Numbers/Message Details/Caution

Last Updated:04/11/2018


Where can I find the error numbers, details of the error messages, and countermeasures against errors for the following flash programmers?

  • Renesas Flash Programmer (RFP)
  • PG-FP5


Refer to appendix A, MESSAGES, in the user's manual for flash programmers.

  • Renesas Flash Programmer (RFP)
    flash memory programming software User's Manual: 4. Troubleshooting > 4.4 Error Messages
    Click here for the user’s manual of the Renesas Flash Programmer.

  • PG-FP5 Flash Memory Programmer User’s Manual: Common
    Click here for the user’s manual of the PG-FP5.
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Renesas Flash Programmer