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Getting Started with Synergy Resources

Last Updated:03/27/2018


Where do I find additional resources to help me develop with the Synergy Platform?


Published  material can be found at these locations:

Prof IoT Blogsclick here             You can click on the relevant tag on the right side of the page to select material on a particular topic.

Application Notesclick here     You can select the category of document you are interested in and then sort by date (default) or title. Scroll through the list of Module Guides (documents that cover a specific SSP module and include a working application project as a hands-on exercise) and Application Notes (documents that cover a specific feature or capability of the Synergy Platform) to select the topics of most interest.

Videosclick here     Scroll through the right side tab to find topics of interest.

Knowledge Base Articlesclick here     Search for topics using to top of the page search bar. Use "Synergy" as a key word to focus on Synergy related content. 

Renesas Rulz Synergy Forum Postsclick here     Scan for topics or select the "More" pull down and then "Tags" to get a list of topics to filter for.

Renesas Academyclick here     After logging in, select Course Catalog, Renesas Synergy, and then Renesas Synergy Course. Scroll through the available modules to find the ones of interest.

Synergy Book:     click here     The Synergy Book covers the basics of the Renesas Synergy Platform from initial installation of the tools to creating a simple design. Select your area of interest by Chapter, Project or watch a Tutorial Video.

SSP User's Manual: click here    The SSP User's Manual provides background on the Synergy Software Package, and details on each module available to use in development. Useful as an introduction and as a detailed reference during design and debugging. The most up to date revision is always available from the Renesas web site at the above link.

SSP Data Sheet: click here    The SSP Data Sheet has an inventory and overview of each of the components and layers included in SSP along with estimates for memory requirements and an indication of how each module was tested and verified. The most recent version can be found on the Renesas web site at the above link. 

Synergy Platform MCU Hardware User's Manuals: click here    The Synergy Hardware Manuals provide details on the hardware resources used by associated SSP modules. These manuals can be helpful when there detailed are questions about the underlying hardware implementations. Details on the specific implementation of industry standards, for example, can typically be found in these manuals. Explore the MCU Series and then Group to find a list of documentation links. Alternately, section the Part Finder button to zero in on a list of MCUs to compare and select from. The associated User's Manual and Data Sheet will be displayed.

Technical Updates: click here    Technical Updates are errata and other important updates that could impact your design. Explore the MCU Series and then Group to find a list of documentation links. Alternately, section the Part Finder button to zero in on a list of MCUs to select from. The associated Technical Updates will be displayed.


Online Chat

For quick answers to Synergy Platform related questions that the above resources have not helped you with you can access the online chat system for the Synergy Platform. If the chat monitor is available, a chat Icon will be displayed on the right hand side of any Synergy page on or on the Synergy Gallery.

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Chat Offline    ChatOffline.PNG


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