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How to reset the BLE Module on the DK-S7G2 kit

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How do I reset the BLE Module on the DK-S7G2 Kit?


After completing this how-to you will be able to reset the BLE Module on the DK-S7G2 Kit.


First, configure the IO pins on the target MCU as indicated by the BLE connections on the schematic. If you use the BSP, these should be initialized correctly, but a quick double check is always a wise move.


Once you have the pins configured correctly you will want to force all the BLE input pins low.
Next, pulse the reset signal low. After the reset becomes high, after the reset period specified by the BLE Module it should be ready to receive commands and data.

What's Next

Now you can communicate to the BLE module as required by your application.