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When does the HOCO stabilization time need to be extended on S3 Family devices?

Latest Updated:10/11/2016


Are there conditions under which the HOCO stabilization time needs to be extended on the Synergy S3 MCU Family?


Most conditions are shown in the User's manual.

Here is one case not included in the current User's Manual: 

In the event that the HOCO is set at 64 MHz, the CPU can run at a maximum of 32 MHz, while the ADC and GPT can operate at up to 64 MHz. In this situation, the  High Speed On Chip Oscillator Wait Control Register (HOCOWTCR) must be set to the non-default value of 110 to extend the stabilization time. This setting extends the HOCO stabilization time to 67.63us.

An important side effect of this setting is that the SCI0 Snooze mode operation will be limited to only 2.4Kbps. Refer to the S3 Series User's Manual, Clock Generation Circuit Chapter for more details.

Links to the Synergy Device User's Manuals can be found here.