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r_kint Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:03/09/2018


Where can I find the references to module guide resources for the Key Matrix HAL module on r_kint?


Information on the module guide itself and the associated resources and known issues are available here.


The Key Matrix HAL module provides high-level APIs for key scanning applications and is implemented on r_kint. The Key Matrix HAL module uses the key-interrupt function peripheral on the Synergy MCU. A user-defined callback can be created to inform the CPU of a key press event.

The Key Matrix HAL module configures and controls the Key Interrupt (KINT) peripheral and supports the following features:

  • Supports both rising and falling edges on KINT channels
  • Supports interrupt-based event notification
  • Supports a bit-masking function to capture multiple events efficiently
  • Supports a matrix keypad with edges on any two channels


Module Guide

The KINT HAL module guide is targeted for SSP 1.2.0 and above and the SK-S7G2 Kit.

The most recent versions of the KINT HAL module guide application note, application project and import guide are available here.

Module Guide Errata

Section 3: Operational Overview- add sentence at the end of the second paragraph

Even though detection of an edge on any one channel generates the interrupt, the callback returns a bitmask keymatrix_channels_t of all the pins that were triggered at that time if any other pins also detected an edge. Thus, an interrupt is not necessarily generated for edge detection on each pin if an edge was also detected on another pin before the callback was called. If a new edge is detected after the callback was called, then the interrupt is triggered again, resulting in a new callback. The bit mask in the user callback should be checked to identify the interrupt source channels.

Module Guide Resources

The Key Matrix HAL module is used in the Developer Examples available for the SK-S7G2. You can find a Knowledge Base article that describes the Developer Examples and how to use them here.

Known issues

  • Refer to the SSP release notes for known issues, available here.


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