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sf_crypto Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:11/27/2017


Where can I find the resources for the Cryptographic Framework on sf_crypto module guide?


The module guide resources for the sf_crypto module are available here.


The Crypto Framework layer is composed of multiple Crypto modules providing varied cryptographic services. It includes:

  • SF_CRYPTO for resource synchronization between the crypto modules.
  • SF_CRYPTO_TRNG for true random number generation.
  • SF_CRYPTO_HASH for message digest generation. Provides support for MD5, SHA1, SHA 224, SHA 256 algorithms.
  • SF_CRYPTO_KEY for Key Generation services. Provides support for AES, ECC and RSA keys.
  • SF_CRYPTO_CIPHER for encryption and decryption services. Provides support for AES and RSA algorithms.
  • SF_CRYPTO_SIGNATURE for RSA signature generation and verification services.
  • SF_CRYPTO_KEY_INSTALLATION for key installation services. Provides support for AES, ECC and RSA keys.


Module Guide

There is no module guide for sf_crypto currently.


Module Guide Errata

The following description of Key Wrapping is currently missing from the SSP User's Manual module overview. It is included here.

The terms Key Wrapping and Key Installation in the context of SSP are defined as follows:

Key Wrapping: The APIs to generate symmetric keys or asymmetric key pairs on the Synergy platform where the private / secret key is a wrapped key (encrypted key).

Key Installation: User generated private /secret keys on a PC (system outside of the Synergy platform) will be installed (no storage) on the Synergy platform and the wrapped private /secret key returned to the user.

Wrapped keys provide the following advantages:

  • The wrapped key can only be used on the Synergy platform (MCU) on which it was generated.
  • It cannot be moved to another Synergy platform (MCU).
  • Original Key cannot be recovered from the wrapped key.


Known Issues

  • Refer to the SSP release notes for known issues, available here.
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