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What are the methods used as a general usage for all MOSFETs?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


Can the current be pushed from the N-channel MOSFET source toward the drain, in order to use the MOSFET as a rectifier diode?
Also, can this method be used as a general usage method for all MOSFETs?


This usage is a general usage method for all MOSFETs.
However, since it does not constitute design that takes into consideration other factors such as trr in particular, if the proposed application requires characteristics of special diodes such as SBD/FRD (Note) (short trr, etc.), it is necessary to use standalone diodes such as SBD, FRD, etc.
Note: SBD Schottky Barrier Diode, FRD Fast Recovery Diode

A bridge control circuit for a motor can be cited as an example where a diode is used for rectification. In this case, the pulse width is controlled by PWM. When all the FETs are off, a regenerative current flows from the ground to the power supply via a body diode because of a potential difference that is generated by the motor, which continues revolving due to inertia.

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