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What does the power dissipation max rating of RD2.0FM to RD120FM mean?

Latest Updated:03/01/2007


What is the meaning of power dissipation maximum rating, P = 1 W, for RD2.0FM to RD120FM?


The power dissipation, P = 1 W, for RD2.0FM to RD120FM is the maximum consumption power allowable during DC-type operation. When this power dissipation is exceeded, the junction temperature exceeds the rated temperature of 150°C, and it can cause destruction. The dissipation of a zener diode is obtained by multiplying zener voltage VZ and zener current IZ.
Regarding the power rating for the surge, a surge reverse power rating is described in the data sheet, listing non-repetition as a condition.
Also refer to User's Manual "Precautions Regarding Use of NNCD Series and RD Series" (D14724E) .
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