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How to properly handle pins for dual MOSFET (HAT1054R)?

Latest Updated:09/02/2013


I have a question about pin handling for a dual MOSFET (HAT1054R). After considering a circuit using the HAT1054R (dual MOSFET), we have decided to use only one out of two channels. In this case, unused pins of the MOSFET will be in an open (unconnected) state. Is there any problem with this? The state of the connections currently on the board are as follows.

  1. Drain, source, and gate are all not connected to each other.
  2. Drain and source are connected to the line to which voltage is applied. Gate is not connected.

*in order to reduce gate line components


  1. If they are all not connected, there is no problem, but in consideration of the mounting strength of the product it would be better to solder them.
  2. Please connect gate to the same potential as source.
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