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Where to find the specification for thermal resistance of the product?

Latest Updated:03/01/2006


I can't find a specification for the junction-case thermal resistance in the case of a self-standing package product (e.g. uPC78L05J).


The uPC78L05J is housed in a self-standing package, but this is a TO-92 package, which doesn't have a heat sink attached. We therefore ask you to design your product based on the value of the thermal resistance between the junction and ambient air. Note that self-standing packages with a heat sink attached do have a specification for the junction-case thermal resistance.

Also note that because through-pin (insertion type) products are phased-out products, you can use the surface-mount product uPC78L05T in place of the uPC78L05J.

Suitable Products
CMOS Operational Amplifiers
Bipolar Operational Amplifiers
3 Terminal Regulators