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Can the uPC494 shut off the output if dead time control pin 4 made high?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


Can the uPC494 shut off the output if the dead time control input pin (pin 4) is made high?


Yes, it can.
If a voltage of 3.3 V or more (less than VREF) is applied to this pin, the transistor at the output stage is turned off.

An offset voltage of about 0.1 V is given to the dead time comparator of the uPC494.
If the capacitance of the timing capacitor increases, however, there is a possibility that the dead time duty decreases to 0%.
For this reason, care must be exercised when using the uPC494 in the push-pull mode.

For details, refer to "4.5 Oscillation Frequency - Threshold Voltage of PWM Comparator (dead time control)" in the Application Note.
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