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How to handle P70/C1/INT01 & P71/C2/INT11 if LCD step up is not in use?

Latest Updated:10/26/2006


(I/O Port, Interrupt, LCD)  How should I handle the P70/C1/INT01 and P71/C2/INT11 pins when the LCD step-up circuit is not in use ? [2006/10/26]


If the pins are also not being used as P70/INT01 or P71/INT11, connect them to VSS via a resistor and disable the step-up circuit (set step-up circuit to "0"). We recommend cyclical overwriting of this bit to prevent malfunction.
We also recommend disabling the step-up circuit and cyclical overwriting of the bit to prevent malfunction when the pins are used as P70/INT01 and P71/INT11. (#106432)
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