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The FAQs on using the E1/E20 in the HEW environment

Last Updated:04/26/2017


The FAQs on using the E1/E20 in the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment.


See the following FAQs.

Please confirm each item of [Notes on Using the E1/E20 Emulator] on the [E1/E20 Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual], if it is "these are not helpful" or "problem is not on the list".
You can download [E1/E20 Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual] from here.

Summary of Problem Suitable
Detail of Problem FAQ No
An error message appears E1/E20 R8C An error message appears, and I cannot go on debugging. 1000468
Problem about ID Code E1/E20 R8C I lost an ID code. Are there any methods for retrieving it? 106969
When I activate the E1/E20 emulator and connect it to the MCU, a dialog box appears asking for an ID code. What should I enter here? 101717
How are ID codes handled when debugging? 106887
RX I lost an ID code. Are there any methods for retrieving it? 1000214

Problems with operating in various windows of High-performance Embedded Workshop

E1/E20 R8C, RX [Initial Settings] and [Configuration Properties] dialog boxes are no longer displayed. 1000234
The build menu is not displayed. 1011380
RX The value stored at the memory address specified by the char-type variable pointer is not displayed in the watch window. 1009889
Problem on performing step execution E1/E20 R8C When executing [Step Out] to exit from a function or subroutine, step-out execution does not finish. 1010228
After program execution proceeds up to the specified address and stops, step execution cannot be performed from the address where execution was stopped. 1010227
Failure of a program to run E1/E20 RX The program does not operate correctly. 1010675
When a program runs on the user system as a stand-alone unit, it does not run. 1011217
A communication error occurs E1/E20 RX210 a communications error sometimes occurred when the HOCO frequency was changed with the program. 1010530
Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]