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Garbled characters in editor(CS+)

Last Updated:06/21/2017


I am using the CS+ integrated development environment.

When I display a source file by the editor, characters are garbled. How do I resolve this?


In CS+ for CC, the function to automatically recognize the encoding of the editor is enabled by default. Try the following, depending on the situation:

- When the encoding of all the files is the same, and characters are garbled

To enable or disable the automatic recognition of encoding, select the [General - Text Editor] category in the Option dialog box, and then select or clear the [Enable file encoding auto detection] check box. Disable this function and check characters.

Additionally, the default encoding setting is also provided in the [General - Text Editor] category in the Option dialog box. Confirm that the setting for the source file is the same as that specified in [Default file encoding].

For details about the [General - Text Editor] category in the Option dialog box, see this site.

- When the encoding of some files is different, and characters are garbled

You can open a file with the specified encoding by the editor.

In CS+ for CC, from the [File] menu, select [Open with Encoding...] and specify a file, and then click the [Open] button in the Open File dialog box. After that, the Encoding dialog box appears. Specify the encoding used in the file in the dialog box.

For details about the Encoding dialog box, refer to this site.


Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
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