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How do I eliminate the error using CC-RL compiler for RL78 devices?

Latest Updated:07/14/2015


I am using the CC-RL compiler for RL78 devices. I get the error message below when I try to define an interrupt function. How do I eliminate this error?

E0520014: Extra text after expected end of preprocessing directive.


A file iodefine.h is generated when you create a project in an IDE. Include iodefine.h before issuing the #pragma interrupt, since it has definitions for the names of interrupt requests.

You can designate inclusion of the file by a directive as shown above or by designating it with the compiler’s –preinclude option.

Example) -preinclude=iodefine.h

Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 Family