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How to confirm debug tool to be used for project? (CS+)

Last Updated:06/28/2017


I am using IDE CS+. How do I confirm which debug tool (such as the E1 or simulators) is to be used for a project?


See the debug tool node in the Project Tree panel.
When a new project is created, Simulator is selected as default.

(Example 1) With the RL78 family, when Simulator is used: RL78 Simulator (Debug tool)

(Example 2) With the RX family, when the E2 emulator Lite is used: RX E2 Lite (Debug tool)

(Example 3) With the RH850 family, when the E1 emulator is used in LPD connection mode: RH850 E1(LPD)(Debug tool)

For details of the debug tool node in the Project Tree panel for CS+ for CC, see the debug tool edition of user’s manual for each family.


RX Family

RH850 Family

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
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