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How to use address space as memory area under CubeSuite+ for RX family ?

Latest Updated:10/29/2013


What do I need to do to use an address space as a memory area under the CubeSuite+ simulator for the RX family ?


The ROM, RAM, and I/O register areas of the CPU will already have been set in the CubeSuite+ simulator for the RX family.
If you want to use other areas as ROM or RAM, set them up as follows.
Select [Debug Tool Settings] in the [Property] panel of the RX simulator (debug tool) and start the dialog box for memory mapping by selecting [Memory] -> [Memory mappings].
Memory areas can then be reserved by selecting either of the following types of memory area and specifying an address range.

  • Emulation ROM area
  • Emulation RAM area
Suitable Products
Simulator for CS+ of RX Family