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Measuring Current Consumption_CS+

Last Updated:10/18/2017


I am using the CS+ for CC. Is it possible to measure current consumption of a system with the CS+?


Use the function of measuring current drawn for the CS+ for CC in combination with the E2 emulator.
This function allows you to measure the current drawn by the system by simply using the E2 emulator without using an ammeter. This function is only available for RL78.

You can easily check the relationship between the current of the system and the behavior of the program without remodeling a board or modifying a program.
You can specify conditions to detect excessive current and stop the program.
You can use monitor points, in a similar manner to the setting of breakpoints, to monitor the relationship between the behavior of the program and change in the current consumption.

This function is available in CS+ for CC V6.00.00 and later.
See here for details about the function of measuring current consumption.

Also refer to the following application note for details.
  The current consumption tuning solution (E2 emulator, for CS+)

Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
E2 Emulator
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