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Can I use CA78K0R compiler for RL78 in e² studio

Last Updated:06/28/2017


Can I use the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 in e² studio?


e² studio has a function to convert CA78K0R projects into CC-RL project format and import them.

However, the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 is not supported by e² studio.
Therefore, you need the C compiler package (CC-RL) for the RL78 family to perform build operation in e² studio.

Additionally, load modules output by the CA78K0R compiler cannot be debugged in e² studio, and therefore you need the CC-RL build environment for debugging.

Support information for migration from CA78K0R to CC-RL is also posted on the following Web site.

C Compiler Package for RL78 Family [Compiler Transition Support]


Suitable Products
e² studio
C compiler for RL78 Family and 78K0R