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How to avoid unintended source change caused by folder name change

Last Updated:06/14/2017


When I change a folder name in a project, the source codes or project settings may be accidentally changed.

How can I avoid this?


Refactoring to change function names or variable names collectively is also applied when a folder name is changed.
This function is very powerful and useful, but change may cause an unexpected effect.
When changing a folder name, you can use a function to display (as a preview) what change is applied to the source codes or project settings.
Before pressing the [OK] button, try pressing the [Preview] button.

The preview screen allows you to not only display content, but also select content you want to change.
For example, when you change the name of a folder where the header file is located, the new folder name is inserted in the #include declaration.
If you do not want to apply this kind of change, deselect the corresponding item.

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