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How to change display language of e² studio?

Latest Updated:10/30/2015


How to change display language of e² studio?


Standard eclipse as the open-source IDE platform allows user to alter display language for menu and dialogs.
Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese language packs are included in e² studio installer.
Please choose required package(s) at the installation.

e² studio runs in Chinese mode with the  installed Chinese language pack on Chinese Windows.
e² studio runs in Japanese mode with the  installed Japanese language pack on Japanese Windows.
e² studio stays in English mode with no language packs  installed, or no language packs matched to the OS locale.

If you would like to launch in languages different from OS locale, please create a shortcut stated as below and then launch it after installation of language pack.

  1. Create a shortcut of e² studio
    Please find e2studio.exe in the installation folder (typically at C:\Renesas\e2studio\eclipse\).
    Then create a shortcut of the e2studio.exe.
  2. Add "-nl " option in the shortcut
    Launch "Properties" dialog of the shortcut.
    Please add -nl with a locale ID symbol as in the following example:
    (Chinese(Simplified)) ...\eclipse\e2studio.exe -nl zh_CN
    (Chinese(Traditional)) ...\eclipse\e2studio.exe -nl zh_TW
    Note: zh_HK is also be acceptable for HK Windows.
    (Japanese) ...\eclipse\e2studio.exe -nl ja_JP
    (US English) ...\eclipse\e2studio.exe -nl en_US

    The combination of OS locale and installed language packs should be considered to select locale ID.
  3. Launch e² studio using the shortcut created at 2.
    Menus and dialog will be shown as specified language.

Note 1: Language packs do not necessary alter all of the notations of menus and dialogs. Unaltered notations remain in English.
Note 2: Help contents, and build/debug console outputs are displayed either in English (on non-Japanese OS) or in Japanese.
Note 3: Application of language packs may affect to the behavior of views (dialogs).
Please note any language packs not included in e² studio installer are not evaluated with e² studio.
Note 4: The display language remains the same as OS locale when e² studio is launched from Windows start menu . Only launching e² studio from the shortcut with "-nl" option added will change the display language of e² studio.

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