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Project Migration from CS to e² studio

Last Updated:05/09/2018


How do I migrate a project from CS+ to e² studio?


For a project created by CS+ for the RX family or RL78 family, you can use the import feature of e² studio to import a project to e² studio.

To convert a CS+ project to the e² studio format, select [Import] from the [File] menu of e² studio, and then select a "Renesas CS+ project for CC-RX and CC-RL".
If there is no "Renesas CS+ project for CC-RX and CC-RL" (extension: *.rcpe), enable the [Output the common project file for e² studio too when the project is saved] option of the CS+ project setting.
Please visit the following page for how to import project from CS+:

To import a project for the CA78K0R compiler, select [Renesas CA78K0R project].
The project is converted to a CC-RL project when imported. Therefore, you need CC-RL, not the CA78K0R compiler. Also, some modification is required due to  differences between CA78K0R projects and CC-RL projects.
For details, see RL78 Development Environment Migration Guide.

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Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 Family
RX Family
RL78 Family
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