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Converting IEEE-format library using ELF converter for M16C & R8C MCUs

Latest Updated:09/13/2011


How can I convert an IEEE-format library or object created on NC30 V.5 (or earlier version) to the ELF format using the ELF format converter included in the C/C++ Compiler Package V.6 (NC30 V.6, or later) for M16C Series and R8C Family MCUs?


Please read through the operating instructions, start-up option functions, and usage notes concerning the ELF format converter bundled with NC30 V.6. This information can be found in the “Appendix J ELF Format Converter ELFCONV” which is described on the NC30 V.6 Users Manual.

A usage example for the ELF format converter (*) is described below. All of these steps can be completed using Windows command prompts.

* ELF format converter is used with Windows command prompts.

  1. Prior to using the ELF format converter, the environment variables must be set.
    In order to set the environment variables, execute the setnc.30.bat file stored in the compiler install directory.

    Execution example:
    > C:¥Program Files¥Renesas¥Hew¥Tools¥Renesas¥nc30wa¥v600r00¥setnc30.bat

  2. Move to the directory that stores the IEEE format file to be converted, and execute ELFCONV.

    Execution example:
    > elfconv ieee_form.lib -o elf_form.lib -cpu R8C

    elfconv Execute command for ELF format converter
    ieee_form.lib Name of IEEE format library file to be converted
    -o elf_form.lib Specify name of ELF format file to be created (elf_form.lib)
    Note:Specify a different name from that of the input file.
    -cpu R8C Select target CPU of output library file from below.
    R8C: for R8C Family (ROM: less than 64 KB)
    R8CE: for R8C Family (ROM: 64KB or more)
    M16C: for M16C Series

    The library file elf_form.lib created in the example can be used with the NC30 V.6 or later environments.


Suitable Products
C/C++ Compiler Package for M16C Series and R8C Family [M3T-NC30WA]