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What is the current state using the A/D converter during SNOOZE?

Last Updated:12/26/2017


In the RL78/G13, I want to use the A/D converter during SNOOZE. What is the current at each state? (if only the A/D converter and the sub-system clock that acts as its trigger source are in operation)


The current of the SNOOZE function can be divided into two states, 1) the STOP state up until the trigger is generated, and 2) the state in SNOOZE mode after the trigger is generated.


1) STOP state waiting for trigger to be generated.

When waiting for the trigger for the A/D converter, the sub-system clock oscillates but the main system clock is stopped.  
Since the sub-system clock is oscillating, the operating current of the CPU is IDD2 (HALT mode, Subsystem clock operation). Please add the current of the operating 12-bit interval timer to this value. The operating currents of the peripheral functions are shown in the (4) Peripheral Functions table.


2) SNOOZE mode state.

The current during the 18 to 65-microsecond period until the state changes from STOP mode to SNOOZE mode is the current shown for "The mode is performed" for "SNOOZE operating current" at the very bottom of the (4) Peripheral Functions table. After entering SNOOZE mode, the current will be the values shown for "The A/D conversion operations are performed" at the bottom of the same (4) Peripheral Functions table.


Note: If the low-speed OCO is used instead of the sub-system clock, the CPU operating current in 1) is IDD3 (STOP mode).  Please add the low-speed onchip oscillator operating current (IFIL) to this value.

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