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Development environment for new RX65N/RX651 MCUs

Last Updated:11/13/2017


Are development environments provided?


Renesas has expanded its robust RX tool infrastructure to help engineers jump start their development work. The new Envision Kit provides an evaluation environment that allows engineers to easily benchmark the MCUs’ performance and start developing their own software. The new RX65N Renesas Starter Kit (RSK) includes a development board with MCU, display, on-chip debugger, and trial Renesas C compiler and Integrated Development Environment (IDE), enabling engineers to get their evaluations and development up and running within a matter of minutes. 

RX users can also leverage several other partner tools that the ecosystem offers, including graphic user interface tools that can easily start display solution design. Alliance Partners with their in Graphical User Interface package are ready to support customer with their products on the RX651/RX65N devices.

Suitable Products
RX65N, RX651