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How to link multiple slave using SSU and to handle the rest of the chips?

Latest Updated:09/11/2012


Is it possible to connect the multiple slave using the SSU of SH family MCUs (SH7137 etc.) as a master?
The SSU seems to have only one chip select output, but how can I handle the rest of chip selects when connecting the multiple slave?


The SSU is designed for a single slave device, and therefore cannot be connected with the multiple slave device.
When connecting with the multiple slave, the CS signal for each slave should be generated in the external circuit. If this CS signal can be generated by satisfying with the standards of the slave to be connected, there is no problem in principle in regard to connect the multiple device. In this case, the user must decide the generating method of the CS signal considering the electrical characteristic of the SH family MCUs and the slave device.
Suitable Products
SH7285, SH7286
SH7131, SH7132, SH7136, SH7137
SH7083, SH7084, SH7085, SH7086