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What is the difference between the DTC and DMAC?

Latest Updated:03/24/2009


What is the difference between the DTC and DMAC?


The DMAC(Direct Memory Access Controller) has registers dedicated to each channel to designate a transfer address, mode and so on.
Contrary to this, the DTC(Data Transfer Controller) stores data such as a transfer address, mode in the memory, and once transfer is requested, it reads these data and perform a data transfer.
Since the DTC takes more time to read the DTC vector address, read/write the register data and so on, the transfer is slower than that performed by the DMAC, however, it can execute any channel number of data transfers.
In addition, the DTC supports the repeat mode where the data transfer is repeated consecutively and chain transfer that one activation source can trigger a number of data transfers. It is effective to use the DMAC, if the transfer rate is more important, or the DTC, if various transfer modes are used.

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